one belt, one road, automatic scene application

Application scenarios:

In view of the environmental requirements of vigorously developing resource-saving and environment-friendly society in China, and the construction needs of industrial park integrating safety, green, harmony and wisdom, it is necessary to change the original management mode, give full play to the role of information resources based on information technology and Internet technology, and promote the construction of safety and wisdom park. By innovating the security governance mode, establishing and improving the deep application mechanism of information system, the deep integration of industrialization and informatization of the park is realized, and the operation management level and public service ability of the park are improved to ensure the sustainable development of the park.

The intelligent upgrading of the park is the inevitable trend of industry development. In the development plan of petrochemical and chemical industry (2016-2020), the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the standardized development of development zones (MIIT (2015) No. 433) and the notice of MIIT on soliciting the demand for upgrading the safety and environmental protection level of development zones, it is clearly proposed to establish a smart park with integrated risk management of safety and environmental protection, Adhere to the four principles of "scientific planning, reasonable layout", "industrial upgrading, improving quality and efficiency", "people-oriented, green development", "integration of industrialization and industrialization, and improvement of supporting facilities" to promote the healthy development of informatization construction in the park.

Hongzhi Micro Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on material design, process simulation software development and intelligent park construction. It has 35 independent intellectual property software and 30 patents. It has been selected into the list of "specialized, special and new" enterprises in Shanghai. It has won the software enterprise certificate, software product registration certificate, high-tech enterprise, technology giant cultivation enterprise certification, etc Honor, to provide customers with professional material design and process simulation software, is committed to providing professional information top-level design and overall solutions for various parks. In terms of smart park construction, it focuses on five core areas of safe production, environmental protection, emergency command, energy management and control, and refined operation, involving multiple business areas such as safety supervision, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, emergency command, investment promotion, talent recruitment, project promotion, park enterprise service, enterprise development, and big data analysis. With new digital technology to escort the development of the park.


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