"one belt, one road" information industry legal service platform

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One belt, one road, one belt, one road, is to explore new mechanisms for providing legal services in all fields of the "one belt and one road" information industry alliance. The service enterprises and citizens should "go out", serve the new layout of opening up strategy, actively cooperate with the international rule of law, deepen exchanges and build consensus, and promote the construction of "one belt" along the way. ”To respond more effectively to global challenges and contribute the wisdom and strength of legal people.

Key experts:

Mr. Liao Mingtao, director of Shanghai Huiye law firm

Mr. Zhou Hui, member of Management Committee of JUNHE law firm

Mr. Ge Hai, director of Shanghai Henglong law firm

Ms. Wen chenjing, director of Shanghai Yuanye law firm

Ms. Qiu Beizhen, representative of the Judicial Bureau of Xuhui District

One belt, one road, information technology development alliance, Secretary General of the legal advisory committee, Mr. Gu Zhongyan.


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