"one belt, one road" electronic signatures cross border service platform.

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China one belt, one road one belt, one road, one belt, one road, one belt, one road, the other is the platform of the electronic authentication system for cross border mutual recognition of China, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It will create a reliable identity trust service benchmark and demonstration mode for all countries' business activities under the same road, and establish a highly efficient and convenient support service application highland along the road below to enterprises and empowerment cross-border e-commerce. Identity trust community.

Key experts:

Secretary General of Shanghai Information Service Industry Association

Mr. Lu Lei, expert of Shanghai network security and informatization expert advisory group

Mr. Zhang Lei, director of Shanghai Zhangjiang Notary Office

Partner of Duan he Duan law firm

Mr. Liu Chunquan, member of the e-commerce Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Commerce

Mr. Zhu Wenwei, blockchain expert, founder and CEO of Shenpu Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Mr. Lu Feng, executive deputy general manager of Shanghai Yitong International Co., Ltd

Mr. Cui Jiuqiang, general manager of Shanghai digital certificate Certification Center Co., Ltd


For cross-border electronic signature service, please click (CA Center entrance) for domestic signature and (evicertia) for international signature