"Digital silk road" industry chain docking platform

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China's China one belt, one road, one belt, one road, one belt, one road, will be used to promote the cooperation and service resources of the "one belt and one road". Through the joint operation of business, talent, capital, technology and consultation, we will promote the investment of "one belt and one road" to the Chinese market and help Chinese enterprises go out. One belt, one road, and other related businesses. The alliance has built a platform for international innovation industry chain StreamlineAssist.com , used to speed up the practical cooperation of online business, and highly recognized by well-known entrepreneurs in various countries.

Key experts:

Mr. Andrew Forrester, CEO of FIC, USA

Tian Xiaohong, Deputy Secretary General of the Silk Road International General Chamber of Commerce

Secretary General of the one belt, one road Strategic Development Research Council, miss Lin Yuxuan

Mr. Xu Shunli, vice president of Malaysia chamber of Commerce

Ms. He Huan, assistant director general of Georgia Foreign Trade Federation

Mr. Zhan Jinlong, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Pudong New Area overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Ma Jiang, former vice president of Cisco China

Mr. Bei Qi, executive director of China Unicom International System Integration Services Co., Ltd


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