"Digital silk road" industry investment fund Alliance

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The industrial investment fund one has established a new one belt, one road, information industry chain investment mode, which is a new technology innovation + industrial capital + international resources + central enterprise platform, to meet the core elements of international industrial clusters such as capital construction, project incubation, international business, transnational service and industrial chain cooperation, and help to build and transform the relevant digital industrial parks in various regions.

Key experts:

Mr. Wang Pinggao, President of Shanghai Venture Capital Association

Mr. Guo Zhengrong, President of Fengyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Mr. Luo Longqiu, general manager of Minmetals venture capital environmental protection fund

Mr. Wei Qi, general manager of CICC Shangyuan fund

Mr. Xiang Liping, President of Dongfang HuiFu

Mr. Gao Qingzhong, senior partner of Advantaged Capital


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